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Weight Loss

Transform Your Body And Your Life

Are you looking to take control of your weight and manage it to transform not just your body but also your quality of life? Our medical weight loss treatments offer our patients with a safe and effective treatment to lose weight the right way.

What Is a Medical Weight Loss Treatment?

Our medical treatments for weight reduction entail the use of specialized medications that have been tried and shown to be useful in promoting weight loss in a manner that is both safe and effective. Patients who use these medications on a consistent basis, in addition to adhering to a weight reduction program that includes a nutritious diet and physical activity, are able to get their desired results in terms of weight loss.

At our clinic, we provide both men and women with a variety of treatment alternatives for shedding excess weight including compounded semaglutide.

Compounded Semaglutide

A medication called compounded semaglutide is used to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes. It works by simulating the actions of the GLP-1 hormone, which lowers hunger and aids with blood sugar regulation. In plainer words, it’s a medication that may aid with weight reduction and blood sugar management.

By lowering cravings and boosting sensations of fullness, compounded semaglutide may aid in weight reduction by lowering calorie consumption. The medication slows down the stomach’s emptying, which may help individuals feel fuller for longer, and acts on certain brain receptors that control appetite and food intake.

According to studies, patients who take compounded semaglutide in addition to altering their lifestyles by adopting a better diet and engaging in more physical exercise may lose much more weight than those who merely changed their lifestyles.

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Benefits Of Weight Loss Treatments

Medication-assisted weight reduction programs may provide a number of advantages to patients, including:

Greater Weight Loss – When taken in conjunction with lifestyle improvements, medications like compounded semaglutide may induce higher weight reduction than lifestyle changes alone.

Better Blood Sugar Regulation – These medications may help patients with type 2 diabetes decrease their blood sugar levels, lowering their risk of consequences such nerve damage, renal failure, and blindness.

Decreased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease – Weight reduction may improve blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other cardiovascular health indicators, which lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Improved Quality of Life – Weight loss may increase energy, mood, and self-esteem, which improves one’s quality of life as a whole.

Who Is a Candidate for Weight Loss Treatments?

Most medical professionals will recommend weight loss medication if your body has been struggling to lose weight through simple lifestyle changes. That said, in order to be a candidate for this type of treatment you must have:

  • BMI more than 30, or body mass index. This indicates that you have obesity, a condition characterized by an excess of body fat.
  • BMI higher than 27. You also have a major medical condition associated with weight, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

That said, if you’re wanting to find out if you’re the right candidate for this type of treatment, booking a consultation with our medical experts is the first step.

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If you’re looking to control and lose weight the right way, our weight loss treatments can help.

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